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Alan Christianson, NMD

I have chosen to continue focusing on this spotlight  for the remainder of 2018 because of  the great impact this practitioner is making in wellness.  In my journey, I have been searching for ways to heal my body and support my system at the foundational levels.  I needed to find  out how to deal with the challenges I face with faulty functioning thyroid and adrenal glands and needing to support my other organs in the best possible environment.   I was finding so much misinformation online and in doctor's offices, mostly pumped by the pharmaceutical companies.  I am not demonizing pharmaceuticals, they do have their place, but I found, for me, most of them are more detrimental than healing.  For instance, I am hypersensitive to the medication and the fillers put in synthroid, the standard treatment medication (levothyroxine) causing the medication to not work in my system.  Each time I moved, the new clinician had to be brought up to speed on what works in my system and what does not.  Not believing I had any idea of what I was talking about, I was continually forced to do a trial of synthroid with the same repeated results.  I would share the dosage of the Nature-throid (a natural thyroid hormone) that worked for me, and again, the clinician insisted I start their way.  This would involve at least 6 months of playing the game and feeling lousy in the meantime, until I could get to the dosage levels I needed to feel better.  Each time I had to endure this, I would hunt for nutritional or natural remedies that could help alleviate my symptoms until I reached a good treating level of my medication.  I started researching nutrition and naturalistic healing remedies and came across an amazing Adrenal Conference in 2017.  There were doctors, nutritionists and scientists coming together to provide insight into the dysfunction of the endocrine system, specifically the adrenal and thyroid glands, and the host of possible treatments available to the public through medication, nutrition, biofeedback and many other modalities.  One of the presenters was Dr. Alan Christianson, from Arizona.  I was so impressed with the approach of nutrition in the fight against adrenal fatigue and thyroid malfunction, that I continue to follow his advice and recipes for healthy cooking to deal with thyroid and adrenal issues.  In February of this year I adopted a more keto friendly lifestyle, cutting all processed foods, sugars, wheat and white bread and any thing, like soy, that causes inflammation and adversely affects my adrenals and thyroid.  This has helped me immensely.  When my levels of the natural thyroid hormone reached 300 mcg. per day I decided to lookup what was currently happening with Dr. Christianson, and adopted more of the clean wholesome recipes he shares.  I am now down to 1/2 of my thyroid dose and feeling fantastic.    Dr. Alan Christianson is in Today's Spotlight because of his continued groundbreaking and tireless work to bring a healthy alternative to those dealing with thyroid and adrenal issues, as well as those who wish to embrace healthy eating to provide their bodies with the necessary nutrients that will allow the body to heal and reset itself.  

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