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In my journey of healing and wellness, I came across the most amazing doctor, Dr. Jorge Moreno, in Montebello, California.    He is a doctor of osteopathy and combines both western and alternative medicine to give the most optimum result for wellness.  

In 2010, following the stress of a horrific divorce, loss of job, hospitalization of my daughter for complications of lupus and an out of state move, I found myself to be close to death's door with very little cellular energy or nutrition in my body.  I was dealing with chest pain, shortness of breath, headaches, severe abdominal pain and leg weakness.  I was grey, sweating and felt like I had the worst case of the flu a person could get.  My friends took me to see Dr. Moreno.  I had seen every possible specialist prior to leaving Texas, and they had no answers on how to help me get well.

For two hours Dr. Moreno talked with me, examined me, and discussed a plan of care to get me well, which included lots of bed rest.    After 2 months of treatment, I was well again.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Moreno for saving my life.

While at his office on my last visit I mentioned I had no movement in my ankle joint following a fracture received the year before.  Following direct injection of nutrient into the joint, and manipulation, I had movement in my ankle for the first time in a year after about 10 minutes of treatment.  I have to say, it is now 8 years later and I have had absolutely no problems with that ankle to this day.  

It is because of my belief in his care and his knowledge of the body and healing practices that I am deferring listing any alternative treatments other than to refer to Dr. Jorge Moreno's website.  In it I believe you will find wonderful information.  I promise you, never has a more compassionate caring physician walked the halls of this earth.  If you are searching for something other than the standard "throw a pill at it" western medicine, I encourage you to check out this amazing physician.

Center For Wellness, Montebello, California

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