From the Editor's Desk



I am currently house-sitting in Gulfport, Ms. for my brother and his wife while they are on vacation.  It gave me the perfect opportunity to start writing more on my book, adjust a few blog posts etc. 

I cannot tell you the shock of finding nothing was working the way it was intended when I pulled up my website or blog.  I found out last night that the latest updates I had done to this site, were never applied.  I also found out that my blog, hosted on an un-named site, had  also not been updating either.  Oh my!!!   For this I truly apologize.  I have spent hours on the phone with the prior web host and my new one at  I have to say, I have found much more responsive to my needs. 

 I will continue to write and post blogs on this web site as GoDaddy is working nonstop to make the blog experience more user friendly with full desktop publishing coming soon.   This is where I will be sharing more of my life story, encouraging words, spiritual insights, etc.  

 I also want to announce the launching of a new blog in the next week or so.   I will be sharing some of my every day life; you know experiences, challenges and brief thoughts.  My new blog is called  "A Day on the Lilypad -- Staying afloat when life gets messy."  This will not be a politically or religiously correct blog,I will not be hiding behind veneers, masks or all positive words denying actual life.  It will be a place where I share, to put it simply, a very real life.  It is one full of stumbles, challenges, and the pick yourself back up moments.  I will not be editing it if it offends someone.  If that is the case, offense happening, please forgive me in advance, for it is never intended.  I have to live my life authentic to myself and to Jesus.  Jesus paid a high price so that I could, so it will be real real.  So please remember, it is a no judgement zone.  I will be sharing the link, once my blog is live.  

I am on chapter 2 of my book and share more on that below

Whispering Spark - the book

I just completed a two video teaching session from Ted Dekker and an introductory to writing free seminar from Jerry Jenkins.  Both of these gifted writers have given me some tools to start really applying myself to my book "Whispering Spark".  It is my hope the next couple of weeks will give me the time I need to really make a dent in the project.  I have express instructions from on High that this story, my story, needs to be told for He is waiting to touch and heal others who will read my story of overcoming, not of my own power, but through the power, love, forgiveness, grace and shed blood of my Savior, Jesus Christ.