Who we are on the inside is our spirit.  To me and many others, it is that which was breathed into us by our Maker.  In order to have balance in our being, we must feed all three parts, body, soul & spirit.    The soul and the spirit are connected, but separable (Hebrews 4:12).  The soul is the essence of humanity’s being; it is who we are. The spirit is the immaterial part of humanity that connects with God.     

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Spiritual Alignment

In order for our spirit to be well, it needs to be at peace and in alignment.    I do not believe I came from a lizard that crawled out of a lake and I will not apologize for my love of God or for believing that His Son Jesus died and rose from the dead paying for my sins and making a way for me to live out eternity with God.    I believe I was fearfully and wonderfully made by God, in His image.   All I can say is my life changed drastically when I gave my life to Jesus.  No, it was not easier, in fact the opposite was true.  The other truth, with Jesus as the Lord of my life, I have no fear of death and I know my salvation is sure by the shed blood of Jesus Christ.   In spite of things that have happened in my life, I know this, the only thing I have to give anyone is the Jesus in me.  I am forever grateful to my Lord and Savior for His gift to me.  Everything that has to do with Jesus is about love.  My hearts desire is to have His heart full of love, to see with the eyes of love, and to share Jesus with anyone who will listen.  One of my favorite teachers to learn from was Billy Graham.  He shared the love of Jesus, no judgement, just love.

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