The Human Body

There is nothing as amazing as the human body.  When you think of all the nerves, the cells, the muscles and bones, it is beyond human ability to have so engineered such a feat.  It reminds me of what I heard growing up where my Creator said: "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you", and I marveled then and now that we were formed from dust from his own hand and he breathed the breath of life into us.   

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As I review all of this. I look at myself and marvel, to think I came from dust.

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Inflammation effects in the Human Body

I have found in my own journey that inflammation must be reduced.  Because of the spinal and nerve injuries from my accident in 2012, and the resulting arthritis spurred on by the injuries, my pain levels are chronic and usually not below a 5.  I have also found the intensity of my pain is directly related to the amount of inflammation in my body.  There are many things I cannot control, but I changed the things I could which included a large change in my diet and doing gentle exercise with walking and the use of bands.  I found alternative therapy through essential oils, biomat, accupressure and reflexology, emotional healing and making sure to  get enough sleep were very helpful in improving my quality of life.

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Soul Wound affect on the Human Body

This chart shows the numerous affected areas by emotions.  It is widely accepted that when holding hatred, unforgiveness your body responds with stress and negative energy allowing disease to take hold.  I have found in my own life, the years of sexual abuse by friends of the family as a child, the sexual, physical and emotional trauma as a teenager and an adult left many scars.  It was not until recently that 50 year old memories of rape as a child  resurfaced after being stuffed down so very well for decades.  As I pursue inner healing that includes forgiveness and release of pain and hatred, I find that my body is healing in areas that for years would not.  I sense I am watching the healing of soul wounds that allow me to become whole again. 

Alternative Pathways to Healing

Complimentary Healing Options

According to the National Institute of Health National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health shares on their site that, of Americans, more than 30 percent of adults and 12 percent of children use approaches outside of mainstream conventional or western medicine.

According to the Mayo Clinic complimentary and alternative medicine are moving into the mainstream as more doctors are integrating it into their practice.  I have shared a link to a great resource if you are interested.  In addition, under the tab Alternative Medicine is a great link to a wonderful Center For Wellness.  I have also shared some files you can download.

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Nutrition & Fitness

Just like our cars, if we do not put the proper fuel in our gas tank, and do not do regular maintenance and care on our cars, they break down.  Our bodies are much more important and will not function properly without the proper nutrition and exercise. 

I have found in my journey with injury and chronic pain and fighting generational disease such as diabetes and arthritis, what I put in my mouth really does matter.  I always thought of nutrition as only calorie driven  However, I have learned that a lifestyle change is imperative that includes unprocessed healthy foods if you want to feel better and enjoy your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Rather than regurgitate everything out there, I found a site that I will share with you that covers the basics.  I invite you to take control and enjoy the journey.

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